Mazda Rotary Compression test.

Mazda RX8 hot start issues ?

Mazda RX8's have know issues with hot start problems, coil pack failures and slow starter motors that can all lead to hot start issues. Being Mazda specialist we can compression test your rotary for compression with genuine Mazda rotary equipment and supply you with a full printout of the compression of all the rotor faces in your engine. While testing the compression we also test the speed of the starter motor as this can also cause issues that people mistake for a low compression engine.

A genuine Mazda starter motor runs at 250 rpm from new, but during the life of the car has been know to get slower, the result is a slower spinning engine when starting up and therefore making lower compression, when an engine is hot, this slower starer will be unable to start a warm Rotary engine, people mistake this for a low compression or failed engine, this is not always the case and we would always advise a compression test on every Mazda RX8 and Mazda Rotary powered car

A Full Mazda Rotary Compression test is just £45 and includes a full printout of all rotor faces

Rotary compression tester


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