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2009 MK3 Mazda MX5 in Silver

Welcome to MX5 Motors .

MX5 Motors now specialize in all Mazda's as well as Mazda MX5's and Mazda Rotary powered cars, we cater for all the needs of every model of Mazda, including Servicing, MOT's, Mazda parts, and a soon to be live is the new full Online shop.
At MX5 Motors you get a specialist service for local prices.

Call us on 01302 726763 or email

Hangthwaite Road, Carcroft, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN6 7BD


London 2012 Olympics

olympicsAfter seven years of build up and waiting the Olympics its finally here, The stadium is magnificent, the weather was almost as good and the opening cerromoney was incredible, the only thing missing was a midnight drive with the top down in an MX5.
All of us at MX5 Motors would like to wish the GB olimpians the very best of luck and hopefully a gold medal catch to once again be prowed of, so when your sat in that little contry pub having a nice glass of pop after that lovely drive down the windey roads, please raise your glasses to the GB team and wish for the best result we could have :)

New MX5 Parts Shop to be live and adding items daily.

Due to popular demand our online shop is now soon to be fully live, We can supply and fit any parts or upgrades for the MK1, MK2/2.5 and the MK3 Mazda MX5 from 1989 to present, as well as the Mazda Rx8 all models, the shop section is newly online but we will be adding new items daily so keep your eyes peeled for the bargains :).
Please click here to access our online shop
If there is any way we can help you with your purchase or if you need to book your car in for one of our Garage service then please feel free to contact us on 01302 726763 or via email

Mazda MX5 full annual service, including spring health check.

The sun has got his hat on so time for some top down fun, why not fire up your MX5, find a country route and have a fantastic day of driving, don't forget we can now offer a full annual service and a free summer health check for just £98, this is a full industry standard service and health check for your MX5, and includes all parts labor and Vat, give us a call on 01302 726763 to book your car in.

Injector Flow testing and cleaning by post now available.

We can now offer full injector flow rate and pattern testing for increased performance, better fuel economy, improved driveability, and all via post within 2 days of receipt.
Injectors are flow rate and pattern tested before and after ultrasonic cleaning, with printed results for just £55 for 4 injectors, returned by post within two days of receipt.

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All Cars now come with a free 6 months warranty as standard.

Due to the popular demand all our cars come with a free 6 months fully comprehensive warranty.

Latest Stock of Mazda MX5's for sale, NOW with 6 months warranty.

Mazda MX-5 for sale Mazda MX-5 for sale Mazda MX-5 for sale Mazda MX-5 for sale
1998 MK2 - £2450 1997 UK car - £1695 1999 MK2 SE - £2695 1991 v-spec - £1695

Including a MK2 UK spec SE 1.8 with Tan leather interior and MoHair Hood

New Mazda RX8, RX7 and MX5 services available.

We have added a number services for your Mazda MX5 and Mazda RX8, RX7.

Injector flow rate and pattern testing.
Ultrasonic pulsed injector cleaning.
RX8 and MX5 key coding.
Windscreen chip Repair.
Pre MOT checks with emissions testing.
Full Vehicle diagnostics.
Corner Weighting to 10kg

Call us on 01302 726763 or email for further details.

Mazda's 275bhp 0-60 mph in 3 seconds MX5

Mazda Highlighting the extremes they can take the Mazda MX5. Click Here.

Selling your MX5 ?

At MX5 Motors we have customers waiting for the right car to purchase.
So if your thinking of selling your MX5, why not give us a ring on 01302 726763.
We can buy your MX5 for cash, restor it and give it a new home.

The History of the Mazda MX5

From Design to concept then production, the beginnings to the present day in the making.
We are currently gathering together the history of the Mazda MX5 including all the design stages and images of the past and present, including all the UK and Japanese special editions as well as standard production models.
Images of the Mazda V705 Concept online.
Pleas click here to see our progress up to press.

New Mazda MX5 Hoods from only £275

MK1 Vinyl hood with plastic back window only £275 Supplied, fitted and including Vat.
MK2 Vinyl hood with heated glass back window £399 Supplied, fitted and including Vat.
MK2 Mohair Hood with heated glass back window £508 Supplied, fitted and including Vat.
Please call 01302 726763 for any other prices.

Mazda MX5 and RX8 Digital Service Record now available

MX5 Motors are pleased to announce that we can now register your Mazda service with the Mazda Digital Service Register, Therefore keeping digital service records up to date.
If your vehicle was built after 31st December 1997, you can choose to record your vehicle's future service history using the DSR system. Just ask to add your car to the system when you have your next service.

Mazda RX8 and RX7 Health Check now available

We are please to introduce a full health check for all Mazda Rotary Powered cars.
The health check comprises of a full Annual service as well as a full mechanical inspection and advise condition on brakes, suspension, Steering, Differential and gearbox oil, engine oil, underbody condition, Tires, bushings, engine mounting, Spark plugs, Ignition leads, general overall condition check, and a Full Compression test with printed results.
All the above with the options of a Full underbody wax oil and any reliability mods.

Full Mazda Rotary Health Check and Service with Compression test : £200
Full Health Check and Service with compression test and underbody wax oil : £280

Health checks for the Mazda MX5 now available
Full Mazda MX5 Health check, including a full service £98
Full Mazda MX5 Health Check and Service with Compression test
: £143
Full Health Check and Service with compression test and underbody wax oil : £225

Please phone for prices on reliability mods like up rated starter motor, plugs, magna core leads etc.

Pictures and Videos

Due to popular demand we have opened the Media section so you can see what is happening at MX5 Motors, Including any meets or open days pictures and videos, also any current projects will be posted there as well as on our face book page.
Before and after pictures have been added of the wax oil process to this section
Click Here to see what's happening

Online Shop (offline)

Our New online shop is now live, we will be adding products daily.
Click here to see our range of Mazda MX5 parts including replacing your Mazda MX5 Hood.
For more information please phone 01302 726763 or via email


Our workshop is equipped with the latest equipment and is designed specifically for the Mazda MX5 and Mazda Rotary cars.
A replacement Mazda MX5 Hood for only £266 supplied and fitted.
A full MX5 service for only £98 with all service books stamped.
Full Wax oil for only £89 to keep the car as good as the day it was made on your New or Used Mazda MX5.
For a full list of services and Mazda MX5 parts available please phone 01302 726763 or via email

Open Day

At MX5 motors we must give a big thanks to all those that made both the MX5 and Rotary open day a resounding success.
Pictures of both days can be found here in the Gallery

MX5 Motors Location
Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN6 7BD , please contact us on 01302 726763 or by email on for more info.

MX5 Motors
Unit 16
Hutton Business Park
Hangthwaite Road


Show Room and Online Shop

Onsite Shop

As well as a fully equipped workshop we also have a on site shop with heated waiting area.
The shop will contain most add-ons for your MX5 including interior and exterior chrome, clear lights, roll bars, performance exhausts among many other items and a free coffee and tea vending machine, also all other refreshments including full meals are available via Park Cafe next door.

We are open from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 2pm Saturday and 11am to 4pm Sundays ( please phone for Sunday appointments )


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